[TUTORIAL] Game Walkthroughs - GameMonetize Implementation

Posted on 23.06.2023 — Author: @Mentolatux

We recently introduced a new feature Game Walkthroughs for all GameMonetize games that you can use on your website under embedded GameMonetize game.
Please find below implementation guide and simple code: (with Game ID you can easily get actual game walkthrough for each GameMonetize game, Tracking is then according your added Domain name - tab dashboard "My Websites")
Code Snippet:  
Details about Parameters:
GAME ID:  Enter a game ID (from GameMonetize) to match the correct game walkthrough
WIDTH:     Enter the width of the video player, according your needs (eg. 600px or 100%)
HEIGHT:    Enter the height of the video player, according your needs (eg. 480px)
COLOR:    Enter the RGB color of the video player, according your needs (eg. #3f007e, #9065ff)
Game Walkthroughs contain only 2 ads, at the start and bottom banner. During game video and after is not added any other advertisement to keep it without annoying ads. With Game Walkthroughs you will get 80% revenue from ads inside the video player, which bring you additional revenue source.
If you need any help with implementation, please don't hesitate to contact me at Email:  katie@gamemonetize.com.

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