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How do I get started?

Integrating GameMonetize with your game is simple and can be implemented in less than 5 minutes. Find out detailed instructions for: Web / WebGL / .io Games, Online Games.

How much do you get paid?

The revenue numbers in the dashboard is final Net payout. The main currency is EUR, is also used for payouts.

What types of ads does GameMonetize provide?

GameMonetize offers: Video preroll ad units. You can integrate video ads on online games or gaming portals.

Where do I see my report / statistics?

Once you are signed at GameMonetize.com, confirmed your email, click on report to see video impressions ad requests, Video Fillrate, eCPM and Revenue. Video Ad report / statistics are updated realtime (PST).

Can I filter out some types of ads (gambling, violence etc) ?

Our ads policy is in-line with Google policy. We do not serve ads that are related to the following categories: gambling, violence, politics, hate speech.

What information is required to get paid?

For PayPal payments we need your PayPal Email adress and your User Name. This should be enough.

What's the best way to put video ad inside a game?

GameMonetize offers video ads that can be shown in any placements. Video ad placements in game menu or when start game typically yield higher eCPMs (effective Cost Per 1000 Impressions), since they offer more engagement from users. Making the most of video ads in your game is a design process like any other player facing feature. As a game developer, you should consider all things.

Can I be paid as an individual instead of as a company?

Yes we can pay you. However we handle private persons a bit differently: — When asked to enter a company name, simply enter your own name instead.

When do I get paid?

We are paying within 30 days after the end of the month the revenues were accrued in. The payment round is scheduled on 25th and 26th day of the month and in case it is a weekend or a public holiday, on the first following working day.

How does the payment process work?

Once you have invoiced your earnings from us, it will take 30 days for us to release the funds (upon the receipt of the invoice). Please add few business days for the wire to come through. The invoices are thus recorded correctly and properly processed in our system.