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GameMonetize.com is the new innovative HTML5 game distribution platform and monetization platform for developers and publishers. We help game developers distribute their games and for publishers we offer high quality cross-platform games. Our platform is based on 45% revenue share with realtime statistics and NET 30 payout - We send money via PayPal or Bank Transfer within 25 days.
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What is the revenue share?

Get a revenue share of the integrated ads. We offer developers and publishers a revenue share.


Revenue share


45% Revenue share for developers

45% Revenue share for publishers

If you are developer and also publisher (you are the owner of the game website) you will get: 45% + 45% = 90% revenue share.

Revenue share

You can embed games on your site, register on our portal, add your site in the dashboard and get revenue share from games published to your website. Or if you are developer you can publish games with your brand or links. You can manage everything by yourself in the dashboard, publish games or add your websites and get revenue share from games. Distribute your game to hundreds publishers. We have built a complete and flexible API system to let publisher and developers make money from online games. We offers high revenue and high eCPM on the market with NET30 payouts with more than 45% revenue share!

When will I get paid?

We pay on Net30 - This mean that we send money within 25 days of the previous month / period. Minimum payout is $30 for PayPal (same for Bank Transfer). If you don't earn that much within one month, We will carry the balance due forward to the next payment period.
We support PayPal payments and Bank Transfer to all countries.

Can I use external links?

Definitely yes! We allow external links and your branding for all types of games. It depends on you whether you want to use your links. We don't restrict developers. It depends on your choice! ;)

How to check my revenue report?

You could check your revenue in "Developer" >> "Advertising" or when you are publisher "Publisher" >> "Advertising"

Where are all these games?

You can register for on https://gamemonetize.com/joinus Fill out all the important credentials and start making money.

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions or comments please email us on [email protected]

Where can I register?

You could search the games you need on https://gamemonetize.com/games. The system will provide the games' URLs and all other information such as description, tags, etc. in XML and JSON format.

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