Boosting Player Engagement with the 'More Games' Button Strategy

Posted on 07.06.2023 — Author: @Mentolatux

"Leveraging the 'More Games' Button for Increased Game Monetization"

Discover how the strategic placement of the 'More Games' button can dramatically boost your game monetization efforts on platforms like


"Boosting Player Engagement with the 'More Games' Button Strategy"

Learn how to increase player engagement in your game by using the 'More Games' button strategy. Understand the balance between user engagement and monetization.

"Unleashing Potential Revenue with the 'More Games' Button on"

Understand how the optimal use of the 'More Games' button can unlock significant revenue for game developers on platforms such as

"Mastering the 'More Games' Button Placement for Better User Experience"

Explore how the correct placement of the 'More Games' button can enhance the user experience while simultaneously promoting your brand.

"Increasing Traffic and Revenue: The 'More Games' Button Approach on"

Learn how the strategic utilization of the 'More Games' button can drive more traffic to your website, enhancing your revenue on

"Strategic Outreach: Promoting Your Game through the 'More Games' Button on"

Discover how reaching out to significant gaming websites to feature your games on can boost your game's popularity and income.

"Monetizing Gaming Creativity: The Power of the 'More Games' Button on"

Understand how can help monetize your gaming creativity with the effective use of the 'More Games' button.


"Gaming Success through the 'More Games' Button on"

Learn how to leverage to ensure your gaming success by strategically using the 'More Games' button.


"Building a Profitable Gaming Brand with the 'More Games' Button Strategy"

Uncover the potential of the 'More Games' button in building a profitable gaming brand on platforms like


"Optimizing Game Exposure with the 'More Games' Button on"

Explore optimizing your game's exposure by implementing a strategic 'More Games' button placement on

Why should you consider releasing your game on The advantages are manifold and span beyond the immediate appeal of monetizing your gaming creativity. As someone who has successfully utilized this platform, owning, I'm well-positioned to provide a comprehensive perspective. uniquely offers the ability to incorporate a button labelled "MORE GAMES" within your game. This feature drives players from your game to your website, creating a seamless connection between your gaming universe and your brand's digital presence. This characteristic offers an unrivalled pathway for engagement, consolidating your brand's influence and expanding your digital footprint.

This "MORE GAMES" button is most effectively placed in the game's main menu or the initial scene. This strategic positioning offers the benefit of accessibility without disrupting the gaming experience. Players aren't coerced into abandoning their gameplay prematurely, which enhances the user experience and encourages a more profound engagement with your game.

A principle of effective user interface design is simplicity and accessibility. Overloading your game with numerous "MORE GAMES" buttons across multiple scenes may dissuade major gaming websites from featuring your game. The concern is straightforward - too many such prompts risk diverting too many users, which could harm their platform. The same principle applies to including external links to your website within the game logo or other buttons. Therefore, it's best to maintain a single "MORE GAMES" button prominently positioned in the main menu.

As a veteran game developer, I understand the intricacies of balancing user engagement with monetization strategies. I've discovered the optimum balance - a single "MORE GAMES" button in the initial scene. Although seemingly straightforward, this strategy is a potent tool that can considerably boost your game's exposure and revenue.

At, we allow you to incorporate multiple "MORE GAMES" buttons. However, I strongly advise against the overuse of this feature. As a gamin developer and website owner, my experience points towards a more straightforward, user-friendly approach, as outlined above.

Promoting your games is another aspect to consider. An effective strategy is to reach out to significant gaming websites, asking them to feature your games hosted on This approach can significantly boost your revenue and user base.

Having published over 100 games on over the past four years, I've earned over $28,000 and fostered a broad, engaged user base. This platform has earned my trust and can undoubtedly contribute significantly to spreading your games globally and growing your brand.

In conclusion, launching your game on, strategically utilizing the "MORE GAMES" button, and outreach to prominent gaming websites could be the powerful trifecta that propels your fun to new heights. Give it a try, and witness your games' global spread and revenue surge.

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