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Posted on 10.06.2023 — Author: @Mentolatux

Point 1: What is "Editors' Picks?" To answer the question, "What is Editor Picks?" let me clarify why we add games to this page and what makes it unique. On this page, I select amazing or better-reskinned games, such as those with complete changes in characters, environments, menu UI, and audio. These games also have levels. Moreover, we focus on fun without the "MOREGAMES" button; if present, the "MOREGAMES" button appears as text only in the main menu scene.

Point 2: How can I see my games on the Editor Picks page? Your game can be featured here if it follows the rules mentioned above.

Point 3: Why is it better to have games there? Listing your games is advantageous because it increases their chances of being published by big or multiple websites. We only add games of good quality from trusted developers to this list.

Point 4: Why can websites source games faster from this page than others? The games here are of high quality and cleanly designed. Any website wanting to find the best games, and clean games quickly will find the Editor Picks page beneficial.

Point 5: As a website developer, why should I release games from the Editor Picks page? As mentioned in "Point 4" and other issues, you will find good games quickly on this list and will not waste much time searching and testing competitions. You can release all games from this list as a website developer, as we add 4 to 6 games daily. For SEO, publishing a maximum of 4 to 6 games daily is good. I do not recommend more games because, based on my experience as a website developer of website bestcrazygames, this is the optimal number to index games daily.

The Editor Picks page is a specialized section that meticulously curates and showcases unique, high-quality games in their original form or with superior reskins. The special reskins include changes to character design, environmental aesthetics, menu user interface (UI), audio enhancement, and level progression. It's a treasure trove for gamers and game developers, providing a platform for the most innovative, fun, and engaging games.

To comprehend why we put certain games on this entire page, one needs to understand the underlying premise of Editor Picks. This platform is not just about featuring games; it emphasizes those with distinct attributes or superior enhancements demonstrating significant creativity, design, and technical prowess. The games on this page must be devoid of buttons like "MOREGAMES," if such a button exists, it should be as unintrusive text in the main menu scene only.

As a game developer, you might wonder, "How can my games feature on the Editor Picks page?" To have your game showcased here, it must adhere to the quality and uniqueness criteria mentioned above. This platform features only the best-quality games from trusted developers. Hence, providing excellent and unique game experiences is your ticket to this page.

The Editor Picks platform allows developers to get their games noticed and published by major gaming websites. Since only the best games from reliable developers are showcased here, it will enable your creations to gain the visibility they deserve. This can significantly boost your game's chance of being discovered by the right publishers, facilitating wider distribution.

For gaming websites, the Editor Picks page is a goldmine for sourcing high-quality, clean games for their audience. It streamlines the process of finding good fun, as we have done the hard work of sifting through countless games to feature the best. Consequently, these sites provide users with a richer, more satisfying gaming experience without spending much time searching and testing games.

From a developer website's perspective, releasing games from our Editor Picks page is highly beneficial. As previously stated, this platform guarantees fast access to high-quality games, enabling you to remove from 4 to 6 games daily. This is an ideal number for search engine optimization (SEO), as removing excessive games could be counterproductive. Our recommendation is based on meticulous testing and analysis, ensuring optimal exposure and ranking for your games.

In conclusion, the Editor Picks page is more than just a collection of games; it's a platform for unique, high-quality games that allow gamers and developers to discover and be discovered. It simplifies the process for gaming websites to source games and ensures a steady stream of fresh, exciting content for their audiences. The Editor Picks page is a quintessential blend of quality, uniqueness, and efficiency, making it an invaluable resource for the gaming community.

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