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Posted on 13.06.2023 — Author: @Mentolatux

To have your game launched faster than others, we've introduced three levels of priority. Every day, we review new games submitted and categorize them according to release priority.

Priority 1 targets games without the "MORE GAMES" button. This category also includes good games with nice graphics and engaging gameplay. These games will be released within 1 to 3 days. If not, please contact me at mentolatux@gamemonetize.com.

Priority 2 covers games that have the "More Games" button only on the first scene or main menu. This category also includes good games with multiple levels, appealing graphics, and fun gameplay.

Priority 3 includes games that have the "More Games" button everywhere and also feature icons of popular games with external links.

We add to 'Editor's Picks' only the best games with good graphics and fantastic gameplay from Priority 1 and 2. This process saves time for website owners searching for high-quality games for their platforms.

We publish all types of games, even those full of "More Games" buttons, but like I explain above will be approved a bit slower. Remember, games with too many such buttons may not get released by the website. Imagine having a good game with a single "More Games" button - a large website releases your game, players enjoy it, and might click on the "More Games" button. Conversely, imagine you have a good game, but with numerous "More Games" buttons; your game might not get published, and you'll be left wondering why your game isn't being played, why you're not earning revenue, or why you're not directing users to your website via the "More Games" button.

Enjoy your game development journey! :)))

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