Halloween Salon - Girls Game

by D. Stevenson

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Happy Halloween! Whether you're going treat or treating, or attending a costume party in town, it's time to be creative! You don't want to show up in the same dress as another girl, do you? Of course not! So here you may design your own cool, cute or spooky Halloween look. Choose from any theme, such as monster, pumpkin girl, witch, and many more! Do your makeup to match. Anything goes, from pretty pastels to ghostly skull face paintings! And don't forget to bring along your Halloween pet! Choose from a mummy, black cat, spider, and more.



* Spa, makeup salon and dress up * Face painting in addition to cosmetics * Spectacular costumes and accessories, including witch broom and devil's fork * Screenshots of your creations may be saved to your photo gallery So if you want to have t


800 X 600


Tue Oct 19 2021

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