Wooden Bricks Vs Balls

by Magic Game Studio

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Wooden Bricks vs Balls is the ultimate brick-breaking challenge for all ages! Unleash the Ball-Blasting Frenzy in Wooden Bricks vs Balls! Prepare to shatter wooden blocks in this captivating brick-breaking adventure! Wooden Bricks vs Balls is a classic arcade game reinvented for modern audiences, offering endless fun and strategic challenges. Sharpen Your Aim and Demolish Wooden Structures: Master the art of aiming and unleash a barrage of balls to demolish intricate wooden structures in hundreds of unique levels. Each stage presents a fresh puzzle, demanding strategic thinking and precise shots to clear all blocks and progress.



Swipe your finger to aim the ball and Shoot and break wooden blocks with strategic shots.


640 X 1136


Thu Jun 20 2024

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