Tap Tap Reloaded

by Angry Games

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Tap along to all your favorite songs in this fast paced rhythm game! Tap Tap Reloaded is the ultimate community-driven rhythm game experience. Reloaded is built on what the community wants in a mobile rhythm game. Tap Tap Reloaded is powered by a highly qualified and experienced team of the best Tap Tap players in the world. This game is in the hands of the community. This is OUR game now. Features: <-- New songs weekly! --> So the game doesn't have your favorite song yet. You can change that! Submit a request and vote on which songs you would like to see added next. <-- Practice mode with adjustable speeds! --> Struggling with a certain part in a song? Skip right into the section of your choice. With this brand new feature to Tap Tap, you can change the note speed, and select as many sections within the song as you want! <-- Fully customizable gameplay! --> Whether it is adjusting the lane angle, the note speed, size, color, background color, highway design... Reloaded allows you to customize your gameplay experience. Upcoming Features: <-- Challenges and Achievements! --> Daily, weekly, and career challenges and achievements for the players. There are many types of challenges, whether it's grinding as many points as possible in a day, simply playing 10 multiplayer games, or something goofy such as FC a song without getting a single Perfect tap. <-- Clans and Social! --> Create a clan with your friends! Band together and compete for Tap Tap Dominance as a team! Clan battles will be hosted in online multiplayer, and through general leaderboard races. <-- Online Multiplayer Tournaments! --> Every week Reloaded will host a tournament with cash prizes. These tournaments will switch off between skill-based, grind-based, and clan-based. The rhythm game community has experienced a great deal of turmoil within the genre. It is time now for us to have a rhythm game in the hands of us, the community, the players, the loyal followers who have stuck around all these years.



Mouse control


800 X 600


Thu Feb 10 2022

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