Space Patrol

by Gamelauncher

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Mobile Ready : Yes



Patrol the space and Kill the Alien Spiders, Collect crystals to reach the next destination. Explore the space world and mysterious Alien spiders execute it and more exciting challenges waiting for the player. Be Careful! While exploring the space world as Alien Spider is very dangerous and deadly traps can harm the player and game will be over. If you like genres such as adventure, action, rpg, platform, quests or just want to have a good time then this game is for you. Features of this game: High Quality graphics Game size is minimal Super simple controls Interesting quests.



How to play: Android: Use On-Screen touch buttons to control the player PC: Move Left - Press “A” Move Right - Press “D” Jump - Press “W” Jet-Pack - Press “J” Shoe-Jet - Press “K” Fire - Press &l


1280 X 720


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