Sliding Anime Puzzle

by BubbleTeamCompany

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Welcome to Sliding Anime Puzzle – a unique puzzle game that takes you into a world of mysticism and mysteries. In this game, you will assemble 60 unique images of girls, each with her own magic and story. Each level presents a new heroine – mermaids, vampires, dryads, succubi, and many other mystical creatures. Each picture is a sliding puzzle that you need to arrange correctly to reveal the full image. Game features: - 60 levels with unique images of mystical girls. - Simple and engaging gameplay. - Captivating stories and exciting adventures. - Colorful graphics and atmospheric soundtrack.



1. Start a level: Each level starts with a picture of a mystical girl broken into pieces. 2. Move tiles: Tap on a tile next to the empty space to move it. Continue moving tiles until you assemble the complete image. 3. Complete the level: Once all the til


1920 X 1080


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