Puzzle Funny Animals

by BubbleTeamCompany

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Welcome to Puzzle - Funny Animals – a unique puzzle game that will take you to funny animals! In this game you have to collect 60 unique images of animals, each of which has its own magic and history. Each level features new funny and funny animals. Each picture is a sliding puzzle that needs to be folded correctly to get a complete image. Game Features: - 60 levels with unique images. - Simple and fun gameplay. - Fascinating stories and exciting adventures. - Colorful graphics.



Mouse click or tap to play 1. Start a level: Each level starts with a picture of a cute animals broken into pieces. 2. Move tiles: Tap on a tile next to the empty space to move it. Continue moving tiles until you assemble the complete image. 3. Complete t


1920 X 1080


Mon Jun 10 2024

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