Old Car stunt Sim

by DynaDev

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Welcome to the realm of realistic vehicle racing games with challenging tracks. You'll have a great time racing on the limitless severe tracks high in the sky. For those who enjoy fast-paced racing games and love auto racing simulations, be prepared to explore car rallies in the middle of the sky with no time restrictions in free games! In this spectacular adventure vehicle game, you will drive like a mad stunt expert while riding on wonderfully built simple circuits and defeating your opponents. Experiment with severe car driving slides and wild acrobatic semi-flips on the problematic track 3D and feel the exhilaration of being a true car drifter. If you want to win this auto racing simulator game, tighten your safety harness before getting in your car and go for the challenging race.



"WASD" = Drive the car.


800 X 600


Mon Mar 07 2022

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