Nightshade Archary

by Gamelauncher

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Explore the world of archery action with a smooth simulation and gameplay of ‘Nightshade Archery’.Be aware of the obstacles.In the gameplay you have to jump only on your arrow to reach the higher tiles.You have to deal with different enemies in each level .You can attack and destroy the enemies with your Arrow.If your body touches the enemy you will die. The main object in this game is the ‘Key’.You will have to find the key and collect to open the door( which is set at the end of the level) to complete the level.



How to play: Android: Press LEFT arrow key on the left side of the screen to move Left,Press RIGHT arrow key on the left side(just beside of the LEFT arrow key) of the screen to move Right. Press Jump signed key on the right side of the screen to JUMP. .P


960 X 540


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