Monster Truck Stunt Racer

by Ncy Interactive

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Are you ready for high adrenaline, speed enthusiast car races? How about embarking on a real off-road adventure? This game offers you a fantastic racing experience with different maps, changing weather conditions, and 8 different vehicles to choose from. Youll enjoy racing in various terrains such as daytime, nighttime, forest, desert, snow, and more. Within the game, youll accumulate money to upgrade your vehicles and unlock new maps. Additionally, you can increase your chances of winning the race with three different bonus options: magnet, nitro, and four-wheel drive. Youll leave your opponents behind and claim victory. Are you ready?



Movement: A - D / RIGHT LEFT ARROW KEYS Bonuses: Magnet: K Four-wheel drive: L Nitro: J


800 X 600


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