Majestic Dash

by Gamelauncher

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Welcome to the world of Fantasy. This Fantasy adventure game will challenge your capability to overcome the hardships and got into the next level. In this ‘Majestic Dash’ Milo and his friend Nova lived happily.One day some bad guy went to them and took Nova. The game is all about the rescue of his friend Nova. Main object is the Crystal , find the Crystal to rescue Nova which is the main purpose of the game. If you like genres such as Fantasy adventure, platform, quests or just want to have a good time then this game is for you. Features of this game: High Quality graphics Game size is minimal Super simple controls Interesting quests.



How to play: Android: The player is always moving.You will have to manage the player by pressing the ‘Jump’ button which is on the right side of the screen.And the ‘Power’ button is on the left side to generate power and attack. P


1280 X 720


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