Gun Mayhem Redux

by Devcom56

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Gun Mayhem is finally back, after the smash hit Gun Mayhem 2. After a long break, you can now battle your friends or the AI in the epic Gun Mayhem Redux. There are 21 unique weapons with 2 fire modes for you to master and 10 maps (all involving strategic gameplay) for you to discover. Test your skills against a series of increasingly difficult opponents in Single Player mode, or set up a custom game with up to 4 players in Custom mode. If you want to explore a twist on the classic combat strategies you can try the new Domination Mode. Have fun with Gun Mayhem Redux!



Player 1 Controls Arrow keys = move Z = primary weapon X = secondary weapon Player 2 Controls WASD = move T = primary weapon Y = secondary weapon Player 3 Controls Numpad /789 = move Numpad * = primary weapon Numpad - = se


800 X 600


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