Duo Bad Brothers

by FBK

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Youve never seen a couple like this before. zombie brothers are extremely funny and extreme adventurers. These two brothers are embarking on a super adventure. They need to escape from the lab. you need to help them. You have to help them escape. Extremely dangerous plans are swirling in the lab. You learned the plans and now you have to escape. The strong one can open the doors, but the small holes cant go through those holes I know someone who can. little brother can go through all the little holes. Collect all 3 stars and reach the door together. You must collect all the necessary stars to open the door.



*Move to WASD + Arrow Keys *Double Jump available *Mobile Touch Control *Collect 3 stars! *little man can go through little holes. *Big man can break wooden walls.


800 X 600


Mon May 22 2023

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