Car Stunt Raching

by LSH Games Studio

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In this exciting game you will have to drive your car as quickly as possible along different tracks, while performing breathtaking stunts. Get ready to overcome sharp turns and springboards, dodge swinging hammers and drive through loops, perform other equally difficult car stunts, be prepared to skid the car on sharp turns of the track. To confidently overcome all elements of the track, you will need to gain some experience and understand the real physics of the car’s behavior. Prize coins received for completing the track can be spent on upgrading your car or opening a new race track.



Keyboard: *left-right* = turn the steering *up*=gas pedal *down*=brake pedal c=camera Mouse: *mouse left-right* = turn the steering *left mouse button*=gas pedal *right mouse button*=brake pedal


800 X 480


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