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CapsuleMatch is a fast-paced and addictive two-player game. Players control capsules on the left and right sides, attempting to score goals in their opponents net. In the two-player mode, each player controls their respective capsule and must react quickly to the gameplay. The objective of the game is to increase your score by scoring goals in the opponents net. The first player to reach 5 points wins the game. CapsuleMatch offers various superpowers to provide players with a fun and competitive experience. These powers can increase players speed, boost the balls speed, provide defensive shields, or enlarge the players size.



Click on the Play button to initiate the game. Tap on the left side or press the E key to control the left player. Tap on the right side or press the O key to control the right player. Your goal is to score by getting the ball into your opponents goal. Th


1920 X 1080


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