Bullet Storm

by Gamelauncher

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Mobile Ready : Yes



Shoot bullet on head of the bad skeletons. Game starts with an event organised by the Princess to shoot the skeletons. Player has to help the Gunman on aiming and shooting, and collect coins. Be careful! Hit the skeletons wisely either bullet empty gun will over the game. If you like genres such as action games, shooting games or just want to have a good time then this game is for you. Features of this game: High Quality graphics will leave only positive feedback Game size is minimal (but not compromised the graphics) Super simple controls make it easy to start playing Interesting quests let you get bored while playing the game.



How to play: Android: Use On-Screen touch buttons to control the gunman aiming PC: Use Mouse Left Click to control the gunman aiming


720 X 1280


Sat Jun 29 2024

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