BMX stunts trial 2022

by BestCrazyGames

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The most recent installment of what some have called "the finest trial bike riding game ever," in which players are challenged to gain new skills while riding a motorcycle. Feel the rush of excitement while walking and riding a bike through more than 70 levels filled with dizzying and unique challenges. Take part in thrilling races against other players simultaneously, and strive to win as many of these races as possible. The continuation of the game has new stages and slopes, a reworked and better physics engine, and controls that are very sensitive, allowing you to successfully navigate all of the challenges that lie in its way. Get money for each victory in this game to modify your bike and make it more resistant to damage.



Control the BMX with "WASD"


800 X 600


Thu Nov 24 2022 is brand of GMO Holding Ltd. [939349]