Flip Champs

by DR Studio


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1. We are familiar with the style of 3D cartoon, and the characters and scene environment are also very three-dimensional, giving you the most intuitive stimulation; 2. The playing mode is very dynamic. It combines the way of gymnastics with adventure, which makes you more reluctant to put it down; 3. The level is unpredictable, and the difficulty is also increasing. The process of rotation requires accumulation of force. You can judge the time of accumulation of force according to the distance



1. For the player's body is very demanding, too fat or too thin, flip in the air will not look good. 2. Very exciting way to break through, you need to use a strut, in the high air, constantly turning the body. 3. Every time the flip is very particu


750 X 1334


Thu Jan 21 2021

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