Blumgi Ball

by Vidoogames

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"Bloomji Ball" is a sports game that combines such genres as: platformer and puzzle. Your goal is to simply shoot the ball into the hoop, just like in good old classic basketball. You do this with the slingshot system where you pull the indicator according to the intensity you want to throw the ball with and release it to throw. But wait - there's a twist! In Bloomji Ball, you have the super ability to teleport right next to your ball. This opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to creating chain combos and stylish throws. For each successfully completed level, you get points, which in total allow you to unlock cool characters.



Management in the game "Bloomji Ball" on the computer is carried out using the mouse, and on a mobile phone or tablet using swipes. Aim and shoot - left click, drag and release. To teleport to the ball, press the space bar.


800 X 600


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